* These have been compiled from various events covered by E Hoops Ohio. They are in no particular order and are from all high school age classes. We will try to update them throughout the year and new ones will be added from time to time.

2021 G Stephen Coleman (Maumee Valley Country Day) – He probably gets overlooked more than he should, being the teammate of one of the top prospects in the country, but Coleman is a special talent in his own right. He has really good length, and looks like he could still grow a few more inches in the future. Offensively he is extremely effective as a slasher, attacking the basket, and getting to the rim. Has a good shot, that can be reliable throughout the course of the game. His athleticism allow him to be an asset as a perimeter defender, and he rebounds at a high level from the guard position. Coleman projects to land with a mid-major program down the road.

2022 F Sean Craig (Sylvania Northview) – Getting a full year of Varsity basketball under his belt as a freshman, he is going to have the chance to do some special things by the time his high school career comes to a close. Long and athletic build, cleans the glass, and can alter a game on the defensive end. Efficient finishing at the rim, Craig can step out and knock down the triple as well. Looks to have room to grow physically, bright future ahead for him.

2020 G Jonzell Norrils (Toledo Central Catholic) – Recently adding his first offer for his play on the football field, Norrils thrives in both football and basketball. Has a quick and explosive first step, really good handle, absorbs contact, not afraid to get into the paint. Sees the floor well and sets up teammates, delivers the ball on time and through tough spaces. Plays with energy and is comfortable in a leadership role.

2020 G Zeb Jackson (Maumee Valley Country Day) – Jackson has taken on the publicity and recognition he received in his younger years, and has certainly lived up to, if not exceeded those expectations. The most highly touted prospect to come out of Ohio since his close friend Xavier Simpson, Jackson is a special talent, who does things his way. He has grown both physically and in his game over the past year, and has committed to play for the University of Michigan along the way. Gifted with talent that allows him to take over and dominate a basketball game, Jackson flat out can get it done.

2020 G Cameron Awls (Toledo Central Catholic) – Has developed and grown over the past year into one of the better perimeter threats around. Has a good handle, can play the one or the two, ability to score it at the rim on out to three point land. Makes good decisions with the basketball. Can be a difference maker on the defensive end out on the perimeter. Lets the game come to him, plays poised, and under control.

2020 G/F Tyrel Goings (Defiance) – Goings plays a heady brand of basketball oozing with understanding, that stems from his legendary coach. Has a thick build and uses it to his advantage fighting for rebounds. Sees the floor well, finishes through contact, and can knock down the baseline jumper with great consistency. Thrives in the short corner area.

2020 C/F Jackson Sizemore (Perrysburg) – Developing into the best big man prospect in the greater Toledo area. Sizemore gets the job done on both ends of the floor. Standing around 6’8″ he anchors the defense, while communicating, and altering shots at the rim. He can shoot it and stretch the floor on the offensive end, while finishing over either shoulder, and at the rim in the paint. Does the little things that contribute to winning basketball. Molding into the perfect pick and pop four man at the mid-major collegiate level.

2019 PG Devin Williams (Start) – A young man who succeeds on both the football field and basketball court, Williams is the ultimate leader and competitor. He communicates, encourages teammates, and is coachable. Williams has a physical build and great quickness, sees the floor well, locks in on the defensive end, and gets to the rim.

2021 G/F Jamiya Neal (Toledo St. Francis) – Every now and then you come across a prospect that oozes potential and just has that ‘it’ factor; Neal is one of them. Gifted with superb athleticism, length, and reach, he has the body that coaches at the D1 level long for. He can handle the ball well, even to the extent of getting minutes at the point guard position. His ability to shoot it has improved, and he is a capable scorer at all three levels. Active in the paint and on the glass, he competes and communicates well on the floor. Can defend multiple positions. Should have a big summer on the AAU circuit and pick up some offers along the way.

2019 G Ryan Roth (Findlay) – Roth is everything you want in a point guard in small college basketball, as he will be taking his talents to play for Capital University. He’s steady, consistent, is a quality defender, communicates, surveys the floor well, shoots the ball at an elite level from the perimeter, and has a fiery attitude when he steps on the court. He wins, and is a coach out on the floor as he leads his teammates.

2020 G Caleb Smith (Toledo St. Johns) – One of the more unheralded members of his class in the area, but that should be coming to an end in the coming months. Has developed a poise and maturity out on the floor that wasn’t always there, since transferring over from Rogers High School in the summer. Brings energy and emotion to a game. Can score it from all three levels with an improved perimeter shot, Smith makes plays for others and knows when to get his. Rebounds and isn’t afraid to bang with the big boys. Looks to continue to develop into one of the better talents in the area.

2020 G/F Jamir Simpson (Lima Senior) – With a good basketball bloodline, you can’t question Simpson’s motor or his ‘want to.’ Solid, strong, 6’5″ frame. Very active in the paint and around the rim. Cleans the glass and can finish through contact. Competes and wins 50/50 balls. Certainly a guy to keep an eye on moving forward.

2021 Brady Lichtenberg (Toledo St. Johns) – While Lichtenberg is ultimately one of the better college football prospects in NW Ohio, the young man can get it done on the court as well. Provides a smart and steadying presence at the guard position, and does a nice job of reading the floor. Can get to the rim, and set up teammates, but can also score it from out on the perimeter. Fundamentally sound, has a good handle, and doesn’t turn the ball over.

2020 G Josiah Fulcher (Lima Senior) – Transferring over from central Ohio to join the Spartans this season, Fulcher carried a lot of expectation. He looks poised and ready to deliver special things in Lima as the young man is talented and possesses a high ceiling moving forward. Fulcher is crafty at the rim, hard to stop when he gets going downhill, and is a threat out on the perimeter. Has good play-making ability, but could be more assertive at times. He has good size and length that he uses to be a quality defender out on the wing. Never gets too low or too high, and provides an anchoring presence out on the floor. Should find his way onto a roster for a program at the mid-major level.

2020 G Lamar Skipper (Toledo Bowsher) – While he may appear unassuming at first glance, Skipper plays with the flare and the joy that you love to see from a young man out on the court. His toughness and ability pick his spots on the offensive end are apparent, as are his ability to push the pace of a game and find the open man. Skipper can score it around the rim and stroke it from the outside. His size doesn’t allow him to be the most influential on the defensive end, but he has the footwork and quickness to make his mark on that end of the floor as well. One of the better talents in the City League.

2020 PG Ketaan Wyatt (Toledo Rogers) – One who has long been highly-touted in recruiting rankings since his elementary years, Wyatt continues to grow (literally) and mold into one of the best floor generals in Toledo. Now standing close to 6’3″ with an ever improving frame, he has the size of a point guard at the D1 level where he should ultimately end up. The toughness and grit in his game is evident, as is his passion for winning and playing the game. Shoots the ball well and with consistency from the perimeter, and can carve his way to the rim on the offensive end. Has the quickness and length to be a force on the defensive side of things from the guard position. Rebounds exceptionally well, and has an ever-improving maturity and poise on the court.

2019 G Luke Metzger (Maumee) – Transferring over to Maumee from Monclova Christian for his senior season, Metzger has proven his ability to score it this season against better competition. Has long put up crazy numbers scoring the basketball, Metzger can fill it up and score in a hurry when he gets going. He possesses a quick first step, a tight handle, and can get his own or create for others. Pure, left stroke from out on the perimeter. Solid on-the-ball defender.

2019 G Levi Seiler (Wauseon) – Seiler oozes with experience and a maturity out on the floor, being a member of one of the most impressive programs in NW Ohio over the past few years. With nice size from the guard position, he wisely knows how to use his body to his advantage and can be effective taking defenders to the paint. Combined with the ability to finish at the rim, Seiler has a nice looking shot from the outside and can score it from there with consistency. Has a good feel for things on both ends of the floor and understands defensive concepts better than many of his peers.

2019 G/F Nathan Bruns (Marion Local) – Having starred on the football field just as prominently as he does on the court, Bruns is one of the finest High School athletes in Northwest Ohio. Bruns has good size and strength and competes at an elite level. Possessing one of the smoothest pull-up jumpers around, Bruns is very efficient in the paint and at the mid-range level. Equipped with active hands and a high understanding, Bruns is a force on the defensive end. Always seems to be in ‘attack mode’ when he’s out on the floor. Signed to play at the University of Findlay.

2021 G Dylan Hughes (Parkway) – Having started since he was a freshman, Hughes has plenty of Varsity experience under his belt already, and good size to go with it at 6’2″. While his athleticism won’t ‘wow’ you, he is more than capable of getting to the rim, and setting up teammates. Capable of knocking down shots from the perimeter, Hughes rebounds well, and brings a scrappy play to the floor. Still needs to continue to develop, but can round out into a nice prospect in the future.

2019 G/F Isaac Elsasser (Bowling Green) – Elsasser won’t ‘wow’ you with his play but he simply gets the job done. A rarity in today’s high school game, Elsasser never seems to be out of position. He is deceptively quick, has an ability to shoot it with consistency, is sneaky getting to the rim, and always seems to find his way around the basketball. Reported to have interest from numerous programs from the DII and DIII levels, Elsasser has the ability to help a squad at the college level.

2019 G Alek West (Sylvania Northview) – One of the finest talents in Northwest Ohio regardless of position, West brings a lot to the table every time he takes the court. Seeing the floor at a high level, West is strong with the basketball, active on both ends, and quick from the guard position. He possesses a pure stroke from the outside, defends at a high level, and makes an assertive effort to get on the glass. West should find himself with multiple opportunities to play the game at the DII level should he so choose to.

2019 F Javin Etzler (Convoy Crestview) – Really has developed a smooth flavor to his game. Has a high basketball IQ and truly understands the flow of a basketball game. Brings great communication out on the floor, and makes sure teammates are in position. Good athleticism and is a strong perimeter presence. Doesn’t force things and plays within the offense, even when his shot isn’t falling. Can get to the rim when he wants, and knocks down the triple with consistency. Signed to play at Miami (OH).

2021 F Kalen Etzler (Convoy Crestview) – Has an upside that is easy to see. Very activity in the paint, cleans the glass on both ends of the floor. Can score in the paint at the rim, or off the bounce, which makes him unique with his youth and 6’8″ frame. Has a good understanding of the game. Needs to bulk up physically over time. Good quickness and footwork, combined with his length, makes him a difficult matchup. Ability to play from the perimeter, solid ball handling. Should become one of the most sought after recruits in Ohio over the next few years.

2019 G Jamal Whiteside (Lima Perry) – Whiteside is a true coach out on the floor from the lead guard position, but can play off ball as well. Pure scorer, that can get score it from all three levels. Leads with his communication and toughness out on the floor. Competitiveness is evident. Capable defender.

2020 G Chazz Jackson (Lima Perry) – Jackson plays with a toughness, energy, and swagger that is contagious out on the floor. Has consistency with his ability to knock down shots from the perimeter, can get to the paint and finish at the rim. Locked in as a defender, competes on nearly every possession.

2019 G Reese Wamer (Oregon Clay) – Scrappy, tough, and heady point guard who can make plays. Finishes with craftyness around the rim and through contact. Decent shot out to three point range. Can distribute the basketball and make sound decisions. Deceptively quick, and can be a valuable defender.

2019 G Terrel Bryant (Holland Springfield) – Has been with the Varsity squad since he was a freshmen. Quick, shifty, and is the ultimate playmaker with the ball in his hands. Can get to the rim with relative ease where he is tough enough to finish and crafty enough to convert the and one. Has deep range and isn’t afraid to let it fly. Defensively he can hold his own and can account for numerous steals that can lead to easy ones in transition.

2019 F Andrew Bench (Genoa) – Well regarded as one of the better small school athletes around, Bench proved to be just that and more on Sunday. He displayed various levels of finesse and skill in the paint, battling for and winning most of the rebounding battles. Was locked in on every possession and punished opponents with his physical build and power. Capable of scoring inside-out, all the way to the perimeter with a good looking shot. Will have plenty of college opportunities for whatever sport he chooses to pursue at the next level.

2019 F Little Anderson (Cardinal Stritch) – What stands out most when watching Anderson is his ability to always be around the ball, a tribute to his hustle. Earns plenty of easy buckets from his energy and activity level on offense. Quick, long, and active hands on defense. Can bring the ball up the floor and make good decisions. ‘Jack of All Trades’ caliber player.

2019 PG Jabryis Heidelburg (Fremont Ross) – A bit undersized but the young man can flat out go. Quick, shifty, and really savy from the lead guard spot. Can knock it down from the perimeter with consistency to space the floor, as well as finish with creativity and take his lumps around the rim.

2020 G Mason Loeffler (Evergreen) – Doesn’t do anything too flashy but there’s no denying, Loeffler can play. Has a pure stroke from the outside and is deceptively athletic, visible by his finishing of multiple plays with easy transition jams. Lets the game come to him and doesn’t force the issue. Plays with a nice flow to his game and has good size at 6’3”. Going to be fun to follow his progress moving forward.

2020 G Joey Holifield (Cardinal Stritch) – Holifield, who by all accounts has had a great summer on the court, was special to the point where if he wasn’t the best player in the gym, he was extremely close. Possessing all the tools on the offensive end with a tremendous skill set and a physical maturity beyond his age, Holifield can just about do it all. Never forces the issue and knows when to get his, while getting teammates involved and ultimately being a playmaker first. Brings focus and a high activity level on defense. While he does hold offers at the D1 level and is well known in Northwest Ohio, his lack of publicity at the state level is something that needs to change and hopefully will with time.

2020 Dominique Cole (Central Catholic) – Cole is a raw talent with a football players build who continues to come into his own on the basketball floor. A spring period with the new C2K Elite AAU program has certainly helped in his development as was evident last night. Has improved foot quickness and his hands continue to get softer allowing him to corral passes and deflections in the paint. Can finish through contact and has a decent looking shot from the perimeter. Bright future ahead for him in his athletic career, there is no doubt about that.

2019 F Leon Hughes (Toledo Whitmer) – Hughes is a young and raw talent that played some key minutes for Whitmer in crucial moments of games this past season. He looks like he is ready to step into a much larger role this upcoming season, as he seems more than capable of putting up double-double numbers. He activity and energy in the paint stand out as he seems to always be around the ball. Hughes displayed a few different interior moves that he can score with consistently, taking advantage of his matchup. Hughes was impressive and he looks to only be getting started.

2019 PG Payton Moyer (Toledo St. Johns) – Moyer is a very polished young point guard. Good competitor, with a pretty release from the outside that is virtually automatic from deep when his feet are set. Doesn’t try to do too much, but finds his place to be effective in a game. Isn’t a liability out on the floor and is willing to compete with anyone. Will be an asset for a very talented St. Johns team this season.

2019 PG Trey Syroka (Toledo Whitmer) – Plays a ‘flashy’ brand of basketball and does so quite well. Can handle the ball and break defensive pressure, sees the floor well. Knows how to score over taller defenders and has a solid stroke from deep. Plays his tail off on every possession. Syroka is a competitor through and through. Can break down defenders off the dribble. When you know you’re going to get to watch him play, it’s a lock that you’ll see some dimes dished out, always good for a few ‘oohs and ahhs.’ Will have the keys to the Whitmer program for this coming season and the one to follow.

2019 G Jacob Plantz (Genoa) – Standing around 6’3” he is a matchup problem for opponents at the guard position and uses his size to score in multiple ways. Plays under control and is mature beyond his age. Got plenty of experience at the varsity level as a freshman, is a special talent on the football field as well. Big things ahead for him. One of the best pure athletes in Northwest Ohio.

2019 PG Jordan Burton (Cardinal Stritch) – The young floor general is exceptional at doing a little bit of everything. Has a good handle and can deal with ball pressure, sees the floor well, finds the open man, and makes heady basketball decisions. Possesses a pure stroke from deep where he will be dialed in more often than not. Has a nice bounce in his step and good athletic ability from his position. While small in stature at 5’9” Burton has big game.