* These have been compiled from various events covered by E Hoops Ohio. They are in no particular order and are from all high school age classes. We will try to update them throughout the year and new ones will be added from time to time.

2019 G Reese Wamer (Oregon Clay) – Scrappy, tough, and heady point guard who can make plays. Finishes with craftyness around the rim and through contact. Decent shot out to three point range. Can distribute the basketball and make sound decisions. Deceptively quick, and can be a valuable defender.

2019 G Terrel Bryant (Holland Springfield) – Has been with the Varsity squad since he was a freshmen. Quick, shifty, and is the ultimate playmaker with the ball in his hands. Can get to the rim with relative ease where he is tough enough to finish and crafty enough to convert the and one. Has deep range and isn’t afraid to let it fly. Defensively he can hold his own and can account for numerous steals that can lead to easy ones in transition.

2020 G Zeb Jackson (Maumee Valley Country Day) – Jackson has been a hot name in Northwest Ohio basketball circles for years now and is only entering his sophomore season of high school. His effort and competitive spirit is truly special and he competes on every position. Takes his matchup on the defensive end personal. Can score it from virtually anywhere and do so at a high level. Can pull up from DEEP and knock down the triple. Has a tremendous handle on the ball. Receiving interest from programs like Michigan and Dayton as well as multiple mid-major offers to this point. Without a doubt one of the best in Ohio in his class regardless of position.

2018 F Christian Wagenhauser (Sylvania Southview) – Standing around 6’7”, Wagenhauser took advantage of the showcase format today just about more than anyone else. In the drills portion of the day he displayed some quality footwork and post moves delivering them with authority and continued his standout play throughout Sunday. Finished with efficiency around the rim, cleaned up misses, and displayed a soft jumper on the offensive side of the ball. Using his length to contest shots in the paint and doing a solid job of cleaning the glass, he left his mark on the defensive end as well. If he wasn’t on the recruiting board of area small school colleges heading into the day, he certainly is there now.

2019 F Andrew Bench (Genoa) – Well regarded as one of the better small school athletes around, Bench proved to be just that and more on Sunday. He displayed various levels of finesse and skill in the paint, battling for and winning most of the rebounding battles. Was locked in on every possession and punished opponents with his physical build and power. Capable of scoring inside-out, all the way to the perimeter with a good looking shot. Will have plenty of college opportunities for whatever sport he chooses to pursue at the next level.

2019 F Little Anderson (Cardinal Stritch) – What stands out most when watching Anderson is his ability to always be around the ball, a tribute to his hustle. Earns plenty of easy buckets from his energy and activity level on offense. Quick, long, and active hands on defense. Can bring the ball up the floor and make good decisions. ‘Jack of All Trades’ caliber player.

2019 PG Jabryis Heidelburg (Fremont Ross) – A bit undersized but the young man can flat out go. Quick, shifty, and really savy from the lead guard spot. Can knock it down from the perimeter with consistency to space the floor, as well as finish with creativity and take his lumps around the rim.

2018 G Donte Johnson (Elida) – Showed the ability to score it from all levels and was deceptively quick. Competes and plays hard on every possession. Has some hard-nosed grit to his game that shows on both ends of the floor. Physically mature. Gained the attention of a handful of college coaches in attendance with his play.

2020 G Mason Loeffler (Evergreen) – Doesn’t do anything too flashy but there’s no denying, Loeffler can play. Has a pure stroke from the outside and is deceptively athletic, visible by his finishing of multiple plays with easy transition jams. Lets the game come to him and doesn’t force the issue. Plays with a nice flow to his game and has good size at 6’3”. Going to be fun to follow his progress moving forward.

2018 G Charles ‘CJ’ Robinson (Woodward) – Known for his length and athleticism, Robinson displayed that throughout the afternoon, but what stood out most on this day was his ability to knock down shots from the outside. One of the knocks on him has always been the inconsistency to shoot the ball, and he cleaned up some of those concerns hitting a multitude of jumpers. Finishing a number of transition leaks with dunks, Robinson can also wreak havoc on the defensive end with his quickness. Robinson should be one of the top talents in the City League this season.

2020 G Joey Holifield (Cardinal Stritch) – Holifield, who by all accounts has had a great summer on the court, was special to the point where if he wasn’t the best player in the gym, he was extremely close. Possessing all the tools on the offensive end with a tremendous skill set and a physical maturity beyond his age, Holifield can just about do it all. Never forces the issue and knows when to get his, while getting teammates involved and ultimately being a playmaker first. Brings focus and a high activity level on defense. While he does hold offers at the D1 level and is well known in Northwest Ohio, his lack of publicity at the state level is something that needs to change and hopefully will with time.

2018 PG Rashad Williams (Wayne Memorial, MI) – Williams who holds multiple mid-major offers from the likes of Cleveland State, Miami of OH, Detroit, and Stony Brook was special on Tuesday night. With a nice physical build and elite quickness, Williams is able to get where he wants, when he wants on the basketball floor. He displayed a quick release from three and high-level court vision particularly on a number of straight dimes he dished out to teammates. Communicates, competes, and plays with a fun swagger. Look for Williams’ recruitment to continue to rise after the July AAU period where he will play with REACH Legends following a spring stint with The Family.

Fresh. G Gabe Simpson (Owens CC) – Simpson is little, standing about 5’9″ and is very lean at the guard position, but he makes up for this with his heart. Simpson can flat out play and was impressive throughout the night on Monday. Has the ability to score it from anywhere and can take his lumps around the rim. Very tight handle and looks to have the ball on a string at times. Elite athleticism allow him to grab rebounds and be crafty in the paint. Simpson is certainly one to keep an eye on going forward.

Soph. G/F Terrance Sewell (Mott CC) – Sewell, a Detroit Northwestern HS product came into the game as one of the leaders scoring the ball for his team and got off to a slow start doing so. That would not last long though as once he got rolling he can score in a flurry. During one period late in the first half, Sewell rattled off 8 points consecutively. Can shoot it from the outside, but where he is the most effective is in the paint and finishing around the rim. On multiple occasions finished through contact for ‘and-ones’ and scores it in difficult ways. Above average rebounder of the basketball and has a physicality to his game.

Fresh. F Kobe Wright (Owens CC) – Wright is an interesting story. Didn’t have the opportunity to play college basketball initially coming out of Scott HS like he had hoped, but he has his chance now to make a difference on this depleted Owens roster. On Monday night he took full advantage of his opportunity and was impressive throughout the night. Plays with high energy and an activity level that is contagious. Really cleaned the glass well on both ends and got a couple easy buckets in the paint doing so. His story and his improvement is really nice to see.

Soph. F Marcus Cole (Mott CC) – Led Mott in scoring on this particular night. Cole has a solid 6’5″ frame that allow him to be physically imposing and make his presence felt around the rim. Has the ability to knock down the mid-range jumper but is most effective in the paint where he can score it at a high level. Plays hard and is a steady presence out on the floor for his team.

2020 Dominique Cole (Central Catholic) – Cole is a raw talent with a football players build who continues to come into his own on the basketball floor. A spring period with the new C2K Elite AAU program has certainly helped in his development as was evident last night. Has improved foot quickness and his hands continue to get softer allowing him to corral passes and deflections in the paint. Can finish through contact and has a decent looking shot from the perimeter. Bright future ahead for him in his athletic career, there is no doubt about that.

2018 PG Carl Banks (Toledo Waite) – You’d be hard pressed to find a better point guard in all of Toledo. Banks can just flat out play. While undersized, inch for inch he also just might have the most heart of anyone around. Gets teammates involved, leads the break, and picks his spots to score all day long. Always a standout on the defensive end, he creates turnovers and gets in opponents’ heads. Banks plays with swagger and has that ‘dog’ about him and you just know what you’re going to get from him every time he steps on the floor.

2018 PG David DeJulius (Detroit EEV) – DeJulius had a buzz going in the gym on Saturday afternoon as everyone was well aware of the University of Michigan commit and his game, throughout play he did not disappoint. DeJulius displayed a tight handle, and lethal stepback jumper that he used time and again to knock down shots. His activity on the defensive end was noticable as well, along with his strong and physical build, looking capable to compete at the next level already. While he didn’t play in every game scheduled for his school on Saturday, DeJulius was special and will fun to watch in Ann Arbor next season.

2018 F Christian Smith (Toledo Rogers) – Smith is coming off of a highly productive junior season that saw him accumulate many accolades, he looks poised for even greater things heading into his senior year. With a backcourt in question, Rogers is lacking in the ball-handling department and Smith looks to fill that void, doing so effectively and efficiently. He brought the ball up the floor on numerous occasions and looked to be in more of a playmaking role, something that can only benefit he and his teammates. Smith, who has always been a capable scorer from out on the perimeter on in, looked trimmer and more lean  physically as he transitions into a true threat out on the wing. It sounds cliche but Smith is truly one of the more underrated players in all of NW Ohio.

2018 SG Houston King (Toledo St. Johns) – King played well on Saturday, knocking down multiple shots from all levels, pushing the tempo, and getting out in transition. A valued defender, King was locked in and caused problems for opponents with his length. Always brings his intensity and can typically seen leading teammates out on the floor. Has flirted with multiple D1 programs and should end up with a regional low to mid-major by the time his senior season is completed.

2018 F Vince Williams (Toledo St. Johns) – Williams is one of the more skilled talents in the Midwest with his ability to rebound the basketball, score it, and pass it. He displayed all three on Saturday with his length and high basketball IQ. Williams wowed the crowd on multiple occasions with some beautiful passing as he creates open looks for his teammates. His consistency each and every time he steps out on the floor is something special. The VCU signee is a special talent who is the complete package. Reminds you of a ‘poor man’s’ Draymond Green. You’d be hard pressed to find five players in his class in Ohio better than him in my opinion.

2019 F Leon Hughes (Toledo Whitmer) – Hughes is a young and raw talent that played some key minutes for Whitmer in crucial moments of games this past season. He looks like he is ready to step into a much larger role this upcoming season, as he seems more than capable of putting up double-double numbers. He activity and energy in the paint stand out as he seems to always be around the ball. Hughes displayed a few different interior moves that he can score with consistently, taking advantage of his matchup. Hughes was impressive and he looks to only be getting started.

2018 G Delano Smith (Toledo Christian) – Mr. Fundamental was that once again as Smith stood out in showcase play. Makes plays and the right decisions on the offensive end, while being an absolute pest for opponents with his defensive play. A joy to watch simply because of how much fun he has playing the game. Can shoot it at a high clip from the outside as good as anyone around. Should be a contender for Conference Player of the Year for his upcoming senior season.

2018 G/F DiShon Daniels (Columbus Northland) – Nobody made a further commute than Daniels on Sunday morning, as he made the trek from Columbus where he will be suiting up for the famed Northland program. Daniels was the best talent in the gym as his athleticism and energy are hard to deny. Gifted with CRAZY bounce, Daniels showcased a number of high-flying moments throughout the day, including an off the glass between the legs jam that brought the house down in the Slam Dunk contest. Can fly in transition, and possesses an above average shot from outside, Daniels should have a special season in Columbus and make plenty of noise moving forward.

2019 PG Payton Moyer (Toledo St. Johns) – Moyer is a very polished young point guard. Good competitor, with a pretty release from the outside that is virtually automatic from deep when his feet are set. Doesn’t try to do too much, but finds his place to be effective in a game. Isn’t a liability out on the floor and is willing to compete with anyone. Will be an asset for a very talented St. Johns team this season.

2018 G Josh Ellis (Toledo Rogers) – Very streaky shooter that has the potential to score in bunches. Would like to see better shot selection and more control offensively, but plays and competes well on both ends. Capable of multiple high scoring games. Will need to distribute the ball better, but the skill and talent is there to potentially put together some special outings.

2018 PG Jordan Hogans (Hargrave Military Academy, VA) (Farmington Hills, MI) – Hogans was entertaining to say the least with the ball in his hands. The son of a coach, Hogans sees the floor well and has the ball on a string. He delivered numerous ‘oohs and ahhs’ from the crowd with his flashy ball handling and quickness. Can get to the rim when he wants and sets up teammates. Jump shot needs to be improved, but if he can gain some consistency in that area, Hogans has all the makings of a High D2 to Low D1 point guard.

2018 C/PF Austin Rotroff (Wauseon) – Steady double-double machine. Doesn’t back away from competition. Does a nice job of utilizing his 6’8″ frame and rebounds extremely well. Has a nice arsenal of post moves to go to. Can finish through contact and finish with authority. Solid rim protector on the defensive end. One of the best true post prospects in Ohio. Signed to Duquesne University.

2020 PG Ketaan Wyatt (Toledo Rogers) – Running the point for one of the storied programs in Toledo is quite a task for anyone, let alone a freshman to handle, but Wyatt handled that as well as you could ask. Now he comes back for a sophomore season with his father leading the program. Somehow always looks calm, cool, and collected throughout play. Makes good decisions more times than not and is smart in getting teammates the ball in their ‘spots.’ Uses his length well on the defensive end where he can be a problem. Needs to be more assertive in going to get the ball to get the offense going, but that will come as he continues to grow at the varsity level. Should end up at the D1 level someday.

2018 F Derrick Verse (Toledo Rogers) – Verse has been one of the most impressive area talents this summer. Saw him multiple times throughout this month and he catches your eye every time. Hustles, battles down low, and can clean the glass. Undersized as it pertains to height, but has broad shoulders and a tough build that can bully opponents. Plays with a high level of activity wherever he is on the floor and always seems to be around the ball. Should be a key piece for Rogers and how much success they have this upcoming season.

2020 G Caleb Smith (Toledo Rogers) – One of the more unheralded members of his class in the area with the amount of talent around him, and can sometimes be overshadowed by his older brother Christian, Caleb is a special talent in his own right. He contributed at the varsity level last season as a freshman, and will be leaned on even more as his sophomore season approaches. He can score it from all over the floor, and plays with a nice poise and maturity on both ends. Should continue to develop into a nice college prospect.

2019 PG Trey Syroka (Toledo Whitmer) – Plays a ‘flashy’ brand of basketball and does so quite well. Can handle the ball and break defensive pressure, sees the floor well. Knows how to score over taller defenders and has a solid stroke from deep. Plays his tail off on every possession. Syroka is a competitor through and through. Can break down defenders off the dribble. When you know you’re going to get to watch him play, it’s a lock that you’ll see some dimes dished out, always good for a few ‘oohs and ahhs.’ Will have the keys to the Whitmer program for this coming season and the one to follow.

2019 G Jacob Plantz (Genoa) – Standing around 6’3” he is a matchup problem for opponents at the guard position and uses his size to score in multiple ways. Plays under control and is mature beyond his age. Got plenty of experience at the varsity level as a freshman, is a special talent on the football field as well. Big things ahead for him. One of the best pure athletes in Northwest Ohio.

2019 PG Jordan Burton (Cardinal Stritch) – The young floor general is exceptional at doing a little bit of everything. Has a good handle and can deal with ball pressure, sees the floor well, finds the open man, and makes heady basketball decisions. Possesses a pure stroke from deep where he will be dialed in more often than not. Has a nice bounce in his step and good athletic ability from his position. While small in stature at 5’9” Burton has big game.

2018 PF Jaiden Woodley (Maumee Valley) – Woodley had a breakout junior season that turned a lot of heads and has continued to build upon that success. Against bigger and stronger opponents Woodley showed he can hold his own and displayed the willingness to fight down in the low block. Runs the floor well, still improving with overall coordination. Has one of the softest touches of all area big men as he can put the ball in the bucket with consistency. Recently has shown the ability to take the ball to the rim and score at all three levels. Sure college prospect at the D2 or NAIA level.