Hidden Gems Spring Showcase


The annual Hidden Gems Spring Showcase takes place next weekend, on Saturday, March 24th at Thomas Worthington High School.

This Showcase has earned the reputation as one of the best in Ohio over the years, and rightly so, as dozens of college coaches and college contacts across all levels, congregate in Columbus to evaluate and get a look at dozens of prospects spanning from all parts of the state and beyond.

From the experiences here at E Hoops Ohio, no other showcase does as good of a job as Hidden Gems and owner Lucius Jones does at putting prospects in front of college coaches and providing them with that valuable exposure. As is the case every year, all it takes is a special effort from one student-athlete, to catch the eye of one college coach, and scholarship offers and opportunities come available at this showcase.

Numerous big time and big name individuals have participated in the showcase over the years, including; Jared Sullinger, Trey Burke, Stevie Taylor, Byron ‘BJ’ Mullens, Nick Ward, and Seth Towns.

Some names more recently that have set themselves apart early in their High School careers at this showcase include guys like Jerome Hunter, and Khalil Iverson, both of whom now play in the Big Ten.

For more information you can visit the Hidden Gems basketball website.


Below are videos done by E Hoops Ohio at Hidden Gems Showcases in years past:

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