Elsasser Leads Bowling Green To Win


On Tuesday night in DI District action at Central Catholic High School in Toledo, Clay and Bowling Green met in what promised to be an interesting, and most likely close contest. That came to fruition.

Bowling Green got a slow start out of the gate due to the Clay defense and sloppy play on the offensive end. Clay would should the ball rather well, and that would carry them to a lead to open the game. Isaac Elsasser would be limited in his looks at the basket for Bowling Green, further hindering their ability to get much of anything going. Clay would lead 16-11 after the 1st.

Elsasser would get begin to get into the flow of the game, asserting himself in all aspects, and Bowling Green would work their way back into the contest. Trey Reddick would prove vital to Clay’s offensive output in the second quarter. Both teams would be tied at 25-25 going into the halftime break.

Reese Wamer, the standout junior guard for Clay, would get more involved early and often in the third quarter, while Elsasser would do more of the same for Bowling Green. Bryce Hoehner, the second go-to guy offensively for Bowling Green would play a superb quarter, and they would lead Clay 44-42 after the 3rd.

The fourth quarter would be more back and forth basketball, as Wamer and Elsasser continued to lead their teams, but some timely makes from the outside for Bowling Green, and a few careless turnovers for Clay would be the difference in this one. Bowling Green would defeat Clay by a final score of 58-54.

Isaac Elsasser would lead Bowling Green with 21 points in the victory.

Reese Wamer would lead Clay with 16 points and 4 assists in the losing effort.

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