Preseason All-Toledo City League Teams



Preseason First Team All-City League:

’18 PG Carl Banks – Waite High School

’17 G TQ Belcher – Rogers High School

’17 G/F Jalen Elliott – Bowsher High School

’17 F Dalonte Brown – Bowsher High School

’18 F Christian Smith – Rogers High School


Preseason Second Team All-City League:

’17 G Alontay Gould – Rogers High School

’17 G Mikey Mitchell – Scott High School

’17 G Darryl Robinson – Bowsher High School

’17 G Tyrik Barbine – Start High School

’17 F Darnell Brown – Bowsher High School



Rogers Rams – City League Champions

’17 G TQ Belcher (Rogers HS) – City League Player of the Year

’20 PG Ketaan Wyatt (Rogers HS) – Underclassmen of the Year


Final Standings:

  1. Rogers
  2. Bowsher
  3. Waite
  4. Start
  5. Scott
  6. Woodward

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